NeuraLight aims to track ALS, Parkinson’s and more with an ordinary webcam

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The process of diagnosing and tracking the progression of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s is often long and imprecise, involving surveys, hospital visits and in-person observations that experts must interpret on the fly. NeuraLight claims it has built a better way, one that uses nothing but an ordinary webcam and could have a huge effect on how these […]

Deepcell Raises $73 million Series B to Progress Single Cell ‘Morpholomics’ Platform


Deepcell, a Silicon Valley life sciences company using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and isolate single cells based on their morphology, has raised $73 million in Series B funding to continue to progress its unique platform. Koch Disruptive Technologies led the round, which brings the company’s overall funding to almost $100 million. New investors Bridger […]

Deepcell Raises $73 Million to Advance AI Powered Single Cell Analysis

Today Deepcell announced the close of a $73 million B round. Their total funding to date is $100 million. The company plans to use this funding to advance its AI powered single cell analysis platform. Investors in this round included Koch Disruptive Technologies, Andreessen Horowitz, Horizons Ventures, Bridger Healthcare, Casdin Capital and Bow Capital. Jeff Dean, Head […]

AI-driven Deepcell raises $73M to further single-cell imaging tech

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With artificial intelligence being treated as the next frontier of drug discovery and cell research, efforts to fine-tune the technology are expanding, which is music to the ears of investors that see dollar signs when they hear “machine learning.” For the Northern California-based Deepcell, that value was reflected in a $73 million series B fundraising […]

Biotech Startup Immunai Earns Unicorn Status With $215 Million Series B

Israeli biotech startup Immunai announced on Wednesday that it has raised a $215 million Series B at a valuation of just over $1 billion. Immunai, which uses single-cell genomics and machine learning to discover and develop novel therapeutics that reprogram the immune system, has raised $295 million to date, completing a $60 million Series A […]

Immunai Secures $215M for Immune System Map, Fuel More Acquisitions

Immunai wants to digitally map the immune system, and it’s amplified those efforts in recent months with two acquisitions and multiple funding rounds. The latest is a $215 million series B that will fund new partnerships, more acquisitions and a doubling of the team.  The New York City-based startup, founded in 2018, hauled in the […]

Immunai announces a $215M Series B As Its ‘Immune Cell Atlas’ Matures

Biotech startup Immunai has been on a roll when it comes to funding. The company that set out to create an atlas of the human immune system in 2018 had raised about $80 million by February 2021. On Wednesday, the company announced another significantly larger round: a $215 million series B. Immunai has been building a massive data set of […]

Understanding The Ultimate Drug: The Human Immune System

Biotechnology companies often stem from a single brilliant scientist’s laboratory breakthrough. This idea will typically be the anchor around which everything else revolves – research, collaborations, company building, and so on. If the concept is credible, it can attract millions of dollars in investments. And if the stars align, it could make it through years […]

Shine completes $150M financing round to advance medical isotope production capabilities

Shine Medical Technologies has closed a new financing round worth $150 million that will support its ongoing medical isotope commercialization efforts, the company announced Monday. Venture capital firm Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) led this series C-5 round with Fidelity Management & Research Company, Scotland-based investment firm Baillie Gifford, and other new and current investors […]

SHINE Medical secures $150m to support isotope technologies

The company produces diagnostic isotope molybdenum-99 and therapeutic isotope lutetium-177. SHINE Medical Technologies has secured $150m in a Series C-5 funding round to support the marketing of its medical isotope technologies developed for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The funds will also be used to develop new applications by leveraging fusion-based technologies. Koch Disruptive Technologies led […]