Discovery Newsletter: Perspective, Chase Koch

Just 10 years ago, Nokia was the company that defined the mobile industry. It was on the cover of Forbes magazine, boasting about one billion customers. Today, it is non-existent. During that same decade, Amazon’s value increased more than 3,100 percent. It has become a daily part of hundreds of millions of lives and is […]

CERAWeek: Innovation Midst the Pandemic

Innovation Midst the Pandemic Atul Arya, Senior Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit, is joined by Jason Illian, Managing Director, Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) where they explore the importance of innovation during COVID-19, the ingredients that make a successful entrepreneur, and more in this CERAWeek Conversation. Watch full video…

Chase Koch Interview with Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Koch Disruptive Technologies: Who They Are and Why They’ve Invested Hundreds of Millions in Focused Ultrasound Approximately two years ago, a pivotal milestone in the evolution of focused ultrasound occurred when Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), the venture capital arm of Koch Industries, began investing in the technology. The involvement of KDT was like an IV infusion of […]

Startup Hustle Podcast: Disruptive Technology – Discussion with Jason Illian

Matt DeCoursey welcomes today’s guest, Jason Illian. He’s the Managing Director of Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), a mid-to-late stage venture arm of the Koch Industries. He shares how KDT embraces disruption and transformation by investing in new ideas and opportunities. From robotics and artificial intelligence to genomics and Bio-IT, KDT dedicates its investments in high-growth […]


KDT’s Jason Illian recently spoke on the SAE Tomorrow Today podcast about entrepreneurial advice, and how COVID-19 is accelerating trends in education, medical technologies, warehousing and logistics. Continue reading…

Building Bottom-Up Solutions
for a Could-Be World

A few years ago, I had one of the biggest breakthroughs in my professional career. As executive vice president of Koch Agronomic Services, I met a brilliant entrepreneur named Amol Deshpande who was in the midst of disrupting the farming industry. Amol’s passion and insights led me to wonder: What if we could bring all […]