Chase Koch Interview with Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Koch Disruptive Technologies: Who They Are and Why They’ve Invested Hundreds of Millions in Focused Ultrasound

Approximately two years ago, a pivotal milestone in the evolution of focused ultrasound occurred when Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), the venture capital arm of Koch Industries, began investing in the technology. The involvement of KDT was like an IV infusion of high-octane adrenaline, validating the field and creating the precedent for other strategic investors to come in off the sidelines, spurring additional investment. We asked KDT president Chase Koch about the revolution in therapy created by focused ultrasound – the noninvasive, game-changing, highly disruptive technology that is an alternative or supplement to traditional surgery, radiation, drug therapy, and immunotherapy – and also about how KDT was formed, why they got involved in the space, and what they hope their influence will achieve for focused ultrasound patients worldwide.

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