Discussions with today’s most innovative personalities to explore ways we can reset our mental models to prepare for, and benefit from, the disruption that is happening all around us.

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Steve Case
Matt Mullenweg is co-founder of the open-source publishing platform WordPress, which now powers over 37% of all sites on the web.
Matt Mullenweg
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss
Brad Feld
Bill Tai has been a 'hands on' early stage Venture Capitalist since 1991 and has had 22 of his startups become listed companies.
Bill Tai

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Advancements in genomics are making it possible to identify potential health dangers earlier, when treatments are still possible.
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Brad Feld discusses goals, self-actualization, and the importance of defining goals based on what gives you meaning as an individual in this edition of KDT's Ctrl/Alt/Disrupt series.
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Steve Case discusses entrepreneurs' roles in building America and the importance of reimagining capitalism to be more inclusive in this edition of KDT's Ctrl/Alt/Disrupt series.
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The Winklevoss brothers understand the power of being first when it comes to creating network connections between people. They believe the “network effect” will also drive the broad adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which is explained in this segment of KDT's Ctrl/Alt/Disrupt series.
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Throughout history, humans have largely worked independently. Today, we're seeing a massive shift to "gig economy" roles.
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Matt discusses the five levels or workplace autonomy and how each impacts a company's ability to successfully work remotely in this edition of KDT's Ctrl/Alt/Disrupt series.

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