Discussions with today’s most innovative personalities to explore ways we can reset our mental models to prepare for, and benefit from, the disruption that is happening all around us.

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Steve Case
Matt Mullenweg is co-founder of the open-source publishing platform WordPress, which now powers over 37% of all sites on the web.
Matt Mullenweg
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss
Brad Feld
Bill Tai has been a 'hands on' early stage Venture Capitalist since 1991 and has had 22 of his startups become listed companies.
Bill Tai

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Brad Feld discusses the narratives we create around fear and how those narratives can hinder us from reaching our full potential in this edition of KDT's Ctrl/Alt/Disrupt series.
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Brad Feld discusses the start-up community and the rewards of a "giving first" approach in this edition of KDT's Ctrl/Alt/Disrupt series.
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Throughout his career, Larry has worked with and advised many successful tech entrepreneurs. In this video, he explains the rare traits they often share, including how a single-minded passion, the ability to pivot and knowing your limitations are key characteristics of their success.
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Matt Mullenweg, Founder & CEO of WordPress and Automattic, discusses democratizing digital life, the difference between freedom and agency, and how this democratization is driving innovation in this installation of KDT's Ctrl/Alt/Disrupt series.
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Change happens. And in the tech industry it happens fast. Larry explains how knowing when to stop doing something one way and start doing it another is essential to survival – and dependent on a company culture that both embraces transformation and follows the technology.
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Cameron and Tyler explain why they see cryptocurrencies one day becoming the kind of financial services that lift unbanked people out of poverty, regardless of geography. Listen to their thoughts on the possibilities of cryptocurrencies in this edition of KDT's Ctrl/Alt/Disrupt series.

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