Israeli 4D imaging sensor startup Vayyar raises $109M to track everything

Vayyar Imaging, an Israeli 4D imaging sensor startup that gives you the ability to look into objects, sense material composition and monitor different targets, announced today it has raised $109 million in funding to enhance its core technology and expand its offerings. The round, which was led by Koch Disruptive Technologies, brings its total raised to-date to $188 million.

Founded in 2011 Vayyar started with the vision to develop a new modality for breast cancer detection, using RF to quickly and affordably look into human tissue and detect malignant growths. As the technology matured and evolved, Vayyar expanded it to unleash new capabilities and widen its application scope to countless other markets.

Vayyar’s sensor has many operational use cases. Vayyar provides sensors to the automotive, smart home, robotics, retail and medical industries. The startup said its sensors can see through walls and objects and do not collect optic data, protecting users’ privacy.

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