Our Vision

We aim to be the preferred partner in accelerating the value of entrepreneurs’ disruptive companies and the transformation of Koch Industries. 

The Cornerstones of
Our Philosophy

Creative Destruction

KDT embraces disruption by promoting creative destruction — the continuous process of iterating, improving and destroying current business models and platforms, EVEN OUR OWN. We partner with emerging high-growth companies that are committed to doing the same.



We have the flexibility and long-term thinking to invest anywhere in the life cycle of a company, from seed to late-stage growth.


We have no box.  We can invest across various industries anywhere in the world. Some of our investments will be ancillary to Koch’s core businesses and some will be in completely new industries.


We review each opportunity on individual merit and timing, not concerning ourselves with popular themes or concentration limits.


• Principled Entrepreneurship

Leadership with aligned vision, values and complementary capabilities.

• Disruptive

Potential to significantly disrupt current market solutions or market alternatives.

• Mutual Benefit

Strategic engagement where KDT can help a company accelerate even beyond the capital infusion.

• High Potential

Potential to create a world-changing platform where people think, act, or behave differently.