Strider Technologies Announces $10 Million Series A Funding Round To Combat Nation-State Directed IP Theft And Supply Chain Risks

Strider Technologies, developer of the world’s first software toolset enabling organizations to identify, assess, and remediate economic statecraft risk, announced that it has closed $10 million in Series A funding led by Koch Disruptive Technologies. Ottawa-based One9 Ventures also joined the round alongside existing investor, DataTribe. Michael Palmer, president of i360, a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, will join Strider’s board of directors.

Since launching in May 2019, Strider has established itself as the leading provider of proprietary data and software products enabling Fortune 500 companies and research institutions to identify, assess, and remediate nation-state directed activities targeting their personnel, intellectual property, and supply chains. Strider’s capabilities are also leveraged by government agencies to tackle pressing national security challenges.

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